Lucie Plourde

Lucie Plourde has been providing occupational therapy in mental and physical health services for many years. Her dynamic and passionate personality led her to start her private practice in 1998. 

Throughout the years, Lucie has perfected her competencies and developed a
one-of-a-kind expertise in mental health and alternative medicine. She is certified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a practitioner and facilitatator of Bars of Access Consciousness. Moreover, Lucie is a consultant for Biological Decoding and a REIKI Master. Her diverse experience and professional network allow her to provide a unique and holistic therapeutic approach.

Lucie offers a professional, confidential and personalized service in a calm and respectful setting.

Murielle Desrosiers

Murielle Desrosiers has shown a keen interest in personal development as well as energetic practices for the last thirty years. She has been practicing REIKI since 1988 and has been giving Reiki Initiation classes as a REIKI Master in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for the last fifteen years. She has been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) where she was certified as a Professional Coach. Murielle also practices Emotional Freedom Technique-Thought Field Therapy (EFT-TFT) as well as mental imagery.

Murielle is available to accompany you on a personal journey of self-discovery and change in a respectful, caring and confidential setting.